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All About The Kentia Palm

Kentia Palm

To me, there is no more attractive and elegant indoor palm tree than the kentia palm (Howea forsteriana). Apparently I am not alone, because it is a perennial favorite among collectors and casual indoor gardeners alike and is touted as the most popular decorative palm in the world. Nevertheless, despite this fame, it is often

5 Best Indoor Trees For The Home or Office

indoor trees

No matter how content you are with your houseplant collection, it’s natural to be drawn towards large indoor trees. There’s no question that an indoor tree is adds a touch of class to the home, and is one the best ways to complement large, airy spaces with that “interior-scaped” look. In my opinion, you just

All About The Elephant Ear Plant

elephant ear plant

Unfortunately, the common trade name “Elephant Ear Plant” has been used and abused so tirelessly that, standing alone, it is absolutely impossible to know which plant is being discussed. Moreover, this confusion is perpetuated by nursery stock with labeling that fails to list a scientific name, at least to genus. One can therefore go home