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Top 3 Indoor Palm Trees For The Home or Office!

indoor palm trees

Perhaps no other type of plant epitomizes the tropics like palms do, so it’s natural that many people are interested in decorating with indoor palm trees. Sadly though, the vast majority of all palm species are very ill-suited to indoor culture, and most of the large and seemingly inexpensive palms that are commonly offered at

14 Truly Low Light Indoor Plants

low light indoor plants

Low light indoor plants typically refers to those that can survive and grow in relatively weak indirect light.  So what’s weak? For example, the type of light a plant may receive within a few feet of a north-facing window is very dim, as is the light from brighter exposures if the plant is located several

The 7 Best Office Plants Revealed!

beautiful office plants

Decorating with office plants is one of the best ways to combat the often sterile, cold feel of the workplace. The color and softness they bring also help remind us of the natural world that can seem so distant when we’re busy doing our jobs. The only problem is that finding suitable office plants that